World of Darkness game: Changeling the Dreaming game.
see Changeling the Dreaming books.

Changes are a foot in the Kingdom of Mist.

The Kingdom of Mist, the south west kingdom of Albion in the Isles of the Mighty is in peril or so the soothsayers have foretold. The world has lost its sense of wonder, as the humans strive to understand everything. They have turned away from the magic of the world, only to replace it with a barren, sterile, banal existence. Mortals have forgotten how to dream… and so the world of the changeling has become cold.

This is the story of the changelings in the world of darkness. You may have heard the terms Fair Folk, fae or faeries, but these are the last remnants of the dream left in this Autumn World. The gates to Arcadia have been closed for a while now. The changelings are clinging to the little stands of Glamour left, adapt to survive, and it is growing colder towards the winter world (endless winter).

In the bleakness hunting for the Glamour and staving off banality – there is also danger within their own society. Politics and machinations of those struggling for power. A war is brewing between the Seelie Court and Unseelie Court.

The Freehold of Waters Edge is located in Poole. It owes it fealty to the Kingdom of Mists but currently exists as a neutral territory. The freehold is a small old fashioned pub on the coast, the keeper of the balefire is Lady Alice, a Boggan ennobled commoner. Recently, several changelings have gone through their chrysalis / awakened and are currently undergoing their training and acclimation into fae society.

A dragons breath in the Mists

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