A dragons breath in the Mists

Welcome to the Kingdom of Mist

First things first

Okay so looking at running a changeling game for a new group of people, inspired partially by the kickstarter:
Changeling the Dreaming books
a copy of the core rule book can be found here: DriveThru RPG Changeling Book

The home page

This is the introduction / idea of what the campaign is about.
click on the link and have a look around – this is a continually being added to, and players can add their own pages.

Wiki Pages

Use the menu on the left to have a look at the wiki pages for information. The Main Page will give you a starting place to navigate from.
You can add extra pages as you gain information in play as well.

Create some NPCs and PCs

Characters form the core of every campaign here are the major NPCs in the campaign.
How to create your player character


Abinessy Abinessy

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