Boggans are one of the Kithain a fae trapped in a human body trying to survive the autumn world.

please see Changeling: Second Edition, pp. 88-89

They derive their greatest pleasure from work. An honest job, good company, and a regular routine is what they like best. They have a profound need to help people, and are known for their hospitality. Wilders take to the road to help others, almost to the point of being troublesome meddlers. Seelie are compassionate and do things from the goodness of their heart, while Unseelie Boggans are drawn to the needy out of opportunistic desires. Status is usually earned by how many they’ve helped. They’re also known to be notorious gossips, the secrets they ‘overhear’ merely rewards for hard work. They never wish to be in debt to anyone, and often times consider their work for others to be voluntary. They’re appearance tends to be short, with thick, downy hair, and a tendency towards plumpness, thick wild growing eyebrows, large calloused hands with agile fingers and gnarled knuckles. They’re lifestyle tends to consider a warm hearth, well stocked kitchen and a comfortable bed to be essentials. Most often they tend to have jobs as construction workers or in the emergency services. Where ever there is honest work to be had is where they feel more at home.

are mischievous and often under foot, gathering wherever work is being done. They may not always be attentive while helping out, but they often learn their trades at an early age. When chores are done, one can expect them to get into mischief.

cannot help but seek out adventure. Despite their wandering ways, once they find a motley of adventurous Kithain, they stick with that group, and very little can drive them away. Of all the group, they’re the most likely to worry about the wholesomeness of the food they purchase and the quality of the tobacco for their pipes.

often settle into permanent residences where they can putter about. This is often a place where they can support as many fae within a local freehold as possible. The level of comfort of this place is a prime concern for them.

Affinity: Actor


Boggans never shy away from hard work. In fact, it brings them together. They have a reputation for being swift and superior craftspersons. If unobserved they can accomplish any task involving simple physical labor in one third the normal time. Because of their affinity with work, Boggans can never botch Crafts rolls.

Social Dynamics
Since they’re often intimately acquainted with the workings of the households, boggans have a heightened sense of the relationships between people. Gossip gets around even in the largest of freeholds. Seelie pick up clues such as the subtle glances of would-be lovers; Unseelie tend to notice conspiratorial relationships and rivalries. A successful Perception + Empathy ( or Subterfuge ) roll allows a boggan to puzzle out a group’s social dynamics. The difficulty can range from 5 ( for a small traveling band ) to 10 ( for a royal ball brimming with intrigue ). This birthright functions normally even with dealing with mortals and the unenchanted in social situations.


Call of the Needy: Boggans cannot stand the sight of another person in need. When confronted by someone in legitimate need, a boggan must make a Willpower roll ( difficulty 8 ) to avoid assisting that person in some way.


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