Changeling Holidays

Holidays and Festivals occupy a central part of Society. These periods of celebration provide the Fae with an opportunity to remember and honour tradition. During holidays, Changelings will spend Glamour freely, putting some back into a world drained of its revitalizing energy. Furthermore, they are occasions where Banality relents, even if a little. Humans, for these brief moments celebration, allow themselves to forget the chains of reality, and believe, even if for a moment.

The Changeling calendar is heavily based of the Celtic traditions and festivals, used to keep track of the passing of the year. Once, it also helped to mark the cycle between the Seelie and Unseelie rule of Court. Even if some of such traditions are now gone, both Courts and all Kiths celebrate these festivities.

Major Holidays

These are the four major festivals of Changeling tradition, each of them representing a season. Beltaine and Samhaim divide the year in two, light and darkness, each representing the traditional beginning of the rule of the Seelie and Unseelie. Imbolc and Lughnasadh represent, in turn the middle of Winter and Summer.


Minor Holidays

These holidays represent minor celebrations who, however, are popular enough to be part of the Fae calendar. Some are adapted from the traditions of other Kingdoms, other come from human influences.

The Greening
Midsummer Night
Highsummer Night
Midwinter’s Night

Other Celebrations


Weddings between Kithain give rise to large celebrations. Some Kithain marry for life, others marry for a year and a day, a traditional approach that will allow both to see if their relationship will work — the bride and groom hold hands through a hole in a round stone as the Seer bestows blessings on them. At the end of the year, they may choose not to renew their marriage and are considered single again. Traditionally, these weddings happen during the Vernal Equinox.


Wakes are crucial for times when a Changeling died from Banality or cold iron. To avoid allowing Banality to gain a foothold, Fae wakes are a mix of joy and sorrow, celebrating with passion the life of the fallen Fae. Court distinctions are set aside, and all engage in as much emotional displays as they can: songs and dirges, laughing and weeping, anything goes to keep the encroaching cold at bay.


Oathtaking is a good excuse for Changelings to gather, usually in small, private ceremonies. It is an honour for any Fae to be invited for the formal swearing of an Oath, and to act as a witness. The most common Oaths thus celebrated are oaths of fealty, questing and true love.

The Royal Lottery:

It will occur whenever a King or Queen abdicates or passes away without naming an heir, bringing forth the possibility of a successor. Changelings will travel from far and wide to hear the Dukes and Duchesses proclaim candidates for the spot, before the casting of lots by the Nobility to choose the next ruler. Note that the Royal Lottery is not the same as the “Fior Reigh”, the trial through which a new High King is chosen.

Changeling Holidays

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