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Glamour is sometimes found within a physical object. These glamour storing items are known as dross, and they come in a variety of different types. In order to collect the glamour hiding inside, the item must be damaged in some way, so that the glamour inside may escape. The glamour from dross is fleeting, and must be used immediately before it scuttles, floats, or pours away.


Dream Stones

•Beautiful, natural objects such as stones, crystals, mushrooms or plants, often unusual in their color, shape, or characteristics are often little hiding spots for glamour. These can sometimes be found in untouched locales and hideaways
•Ex. A glowing blue mushroom, a stone that’s always warm, a crystal growing in jagged spiral


•Objects associated with a great, inspirational figure are filled with a charming nostalgia that brings with it the brilliant pull of glamour.
•Ex. A quill that belonged to Edgar Allen Poe, Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress, Harry Potter’s wand from the films


•On very rare occasions, an item is created from such genius and imagination that it becomes a brilliant display of glamour and imagination. These items are often artistic masterpieces, and in many horrible cases, the result of Rhapsody
•Ex. The original manuscript of Alice in Wonderland, A panel from Megan Sass’ Senior Art Show
•WARNING: Destroying an treasure just for the glamour inside robs the work from future generations of dreamers, preventing them from inspiration. For this crime, the consumer gains a point of temporary banality

Chimerical Beasts

•By killing a chimerical beast and eating it’s flesh, a Changeling may replenish some of their depleted glamour reserves.
•Ex. Dragon Meat, Talking Woodland Creatures, Bambi
•WARNING: Eating strange meat frequently may lead to odd side effects such as vomiting, poisoning, and madness.

Chimerical Items

•Like any other dross item, Chimerical Items release glamour when broken or destroyed
•Ex. A talking wooden spoon, A chimerical sword


•These rare springs are created in places where the human world and the Dreaming are tied together. The water bubbling forth from these springs is infused with glamour, and one may drink to gain glamour
•WARNING: Strange side effects have been reported such as hallucinations, nightmares, hiccups, future sight, and or random bouts of sobbing


1.Break, Rip, Tear, or Consume the Dross
2.Roll a die to determine if the dross has any ‘unique’ effects.


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