Glamour is the creative energy that gives shape and life to changelings and to the Dreaming. It’s born from the dreams and hopes of mortals, and so emphasize the beauty or terror of even the most ordinary objects to something straight away from their dreams. It can take physical form as Chimera. Many consider it the antithesis of Banality.

Changelings depend on Glamour for the ability to sustain their fae mien and to cast their cantrips. Without a steady supply of this precious element, changelings soon forget their connection to the Dreaming and fade away into their mortal seemings and mundane lives.

General Rules
-Your temporary glamour points can never exceed your permanent points.
-If you run out of temporary glamour, you may choose to convert a permanent point into temporary glamour equivalent to the new permanent total.

Uses for Glamour
-Spend a temporary point to cast a cantrip, or spell.
-On occasion, a temporary point can extend the length of a cantrip.
-to create a token to enchant a mortal. The more points are placed into a token, the longer the enchantment lasts

Gaining Glamour

Epiphany: drawing glamour from mortals or other fey through ravaging, rapture, or reverie
Sanctuary: sleeping a full night’s sleep, uninterrupted and full of dreams will replenish a temporary point of glamour
Dross: drawing glamour from an item. Dross may me spent instead of a temporary point.

Losing Glamour

While temporary glamour is spent to create, permanent glamour is lost as a changeling ages. This marks the slow descent of the imaginative soul into the mundane.

The Four Paths to Epiphany

Mentioned above is three paths of Epiphany. There is a fourth but anyone caught practising this method by most of society will face consequences…

Reverie – An Epiphany for the Optimist – The most humane Method
Ravaging – An Epiphany for the Pessimist
Rapture – An Epiphany for the Self
Rhapsody – An Epiphany for the Monstrous – Banned my most of Fae society


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