Oaths are sacred vows that bind Kithain to one another in certain specified relationships or else obligate the swearer to undertake quests or journeys, fill certain roles, honor specified rights or refrain from certain actions. Some oaths bind one Kithain to another for eternity; others last for shorter periods of time. Many oaths, particularly those taken at Beltaine and Samhain, are sworn for “a year and a day.” The whole of Kithain society helps to enforce oaths, but, more importantly, the weight of the Dreaming lends binding authority to these solemn vows.

The wording of oaths is very important, because it weaves Glamour into the bond that is formed by its speaking. Breaking an oath is not done lightly, for the consequences (usually specified at the time the oath is taken) assert themselves as soon as the oath is forsworn. In addition to any innate penalties, oathbreakers are shunned by Seelie and most Unseelie fae alike. A changeling’s sworn word is her greatest gift, and those fortunate enough to receive an oath-backed promise of loyaliy or love consider themselves blessed by the Dreaming. Oaths define a changeling’s personal honor and respect. Spoken oaths are the foundation of noble society, and any who break an oath defy the values of their society and forego their right to remain a part of it.

Common Oaths

The Oath of the Accepted Burden

The Oath of Clasped Hands

The Oath of Fealty

The Oath of Escheat

The Oath of Guardianship

The Oath of Truehearts

The Oath of the Long Road

The Oath of Crossed Blades

The Oath of Adoption (Troll)

The Satyr Oath of Truehearts

The Oath of the Undoing

The Oath of the Unbroken Circle


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