Where reverie coaxes a dreamer to dream, ravaging forces the glamour right out of their bodies. Considered to be a form of psychic rape by the Seelie Court, ravaging is a more common path to epiphany for an Unseelie kithain. It’s a method of instant collection. It is not necessary to learn the dreamers habits or influences; any loose companionship will do. The Changeling literally pushes the glamour out of the subject’s body with a quick force of banality, squeezing the magic out like a tube of toothpaste.

The Unseelie Court does not find this to be a great tragedy. The world is full of dreamers. What do the dreams of one person count for? They’ll probably turn out just fine after awhile…

1.Find yourself a sort-of-companion (or closer) and roll your banality score.
2.The total successes= amount of glamour gained
3.If botched, the banality backfires, shooting back at the Changeling and gaining a perminant dot of Banality.
4.Ravaged Dreamers take a longer time to recuperate. The more glamour is ripped from them, the harder it is to cultivate back. Side Effect include: tiredness, depression, artist’s block, increased banality and in some cases, severed ties to the dreaming

Examples Include:
•Exhaust Creativity
•Destroy Hope
•Destroy Love
•Create Anger
•Break Trust
•Exploit Dependence
•Destroy Illusions


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