Changeling the dreaming thoughts current thoughts on restrictions.

If you wish to play with something that is not in the core rule book, please let me know what it is and where it comes from, and the player should make sure they have access to the rules.
There is one exception to this – land of eight million dreams as this is not a balanced book I am not looking to have this in the chronicle.

All characters should be Kithain or approved Gallain, and appropriate to the setting of South West England.
Not allowing Nunnehei or Merfolk

Court Characters
Seelie and Unseelie are both allowed, however I am not looking for any PC to be Shadow Court, if you have enough lore you may know about rumours of their existence.
The Inanimae Courts (Gladeling Krofted) are not applicable as they are non player characters only.

All sidhe must have a house affiliation.
A commoner does not need to have a house, however generally an ennobled commoner will have sworn an oath to a house. If a commoner does have a house, they would swear an oath to that house upon joining.

Would not consider these houses to be easily playable

Titles, Retinue, and Holdings
0 – Commoner/Titleless (allowed)
1 – Squire (allowed) – unusual for non sidhe kiths
2 – Knight/Dame (allowed) – non sidhe kiths need a good reason why
3 – Baron/Baroness (Restricted – give me a story, ideas of how and why)
4 – Count/Countess (Restricted)
5 – Duke/Duchess (Restricted)

Commoner nobles will be allowed but bear in mind that they will have to have a very, very good reason to have gained their title. It will not be granted based on an isolated incident of bravery. It will have required consistent representation of noble and worthy traits. A Commoner does not need to swear fealty to a house. Any Commoner that does swear fealty to a house gains the house boon and flaw and becomes ennobled.

Having a title means something. It means the rank has been earned. With a title comes responsibility. All titled characters are beholden to another titled character. All titled characters can be called upon to honor their duty, their noblesse oblige. While it is possible to be a landless Baron or Baroness (or other title), it is more the exception than the rule. Titles are given for various reasons but logistically, the room can’t have a plethora of landless counts and countesses. Changeling is a system owing a lot to Medieval fiefdoms and thus, much of their social structure relies on clear cut hierarchy. The Dreaming recognizes the kithain in control of a Freehold and differentiates between a count in power and a count with an honorific title.

A character may have earned an honorific title one of two ways. First, they have proven themselves worthy in “This Life” and are being recognized for significant contributions and achievements to the Changeling Community. Second, a character may have earned a title in a Past Life and is allowed to retain their honorific (but somewhat empty) title.

Please see Arts for information on them


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